Phoveus is a Fighter: The best ways to play as Phoveus

Phoveus is a Fighter: The best ways to play as Phoveus

Phoveus is a fighter in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang who gave up his eyes in exchange for very strong skills. Let’s look at the best build, skills, emblem, and combinations that can be used with this powerful hero to take over the fight.

Phoveus is a Fighter: How to Understand What Phoveus Can Do

Phoveus is a Fighter: Feelings that are evil and passive

The tool that Phoveus uses, Astaros, can pick up on fast movements. For enemies that run close, his cooldowns are sped up. If you want to make the most of this chance, stay alert and place yourself wisely.

Phoveus is a Fighter: The second skill is Malefic Terror.

The ground will take magic damage when you hit it with Astaros Dread. You will also get a shield and be able to move faster. To keep the pressure up, you should build it up and then let it go whenever you can.

Phoveus is a Fighter: the Astaros Eye.

You can draw enemies to the middle of Astaros Eye by calling it up, which makes it a great tool for getting away, poking, or chasing them. To have strategic power over the battlefield, you need to use it.

Most Powerful: The Demons’ Power

When Astaros is used, it will mark and blink onto enemies who are moving quickly, dealing damage and giving them a shield. Use it in a smart way to surprise your enemies and change the course of the battle.

Choose the best build and emblem for Phoveus.

Build up

Start with items like the Warrior Boots and the Bloodlust Axe, which give you strength and endurance. Keep going with things like the Oracle, which protects against magic, and the Brute Force Breastplate, which makes you more resistant to it. Use Blade of Despair as your last move to do more damage.

Signs and symbols

If you choose the Fighter insignia, your physical defence and longevity will improve. Keep an eye on talents like Bravery, which does more harm, and Invasion, which gets past enemy defences without being seen.

Combinations that work for Phoveus

Make use of the combo

You should first use Astaros Eye to select enemies, and then use Malefic Terror to do damage and protect yourself. If you want to kill people and blink on to them, you should use Demonic Force next.

A Mix of Disruptions

Starting with Astaros Eye to break up enemy groups, then move on to Malefic Terror to do damage and chaos. Demonic Force should be used to get through the defences and mess up all the main targets.

How to Get the Most Out of Phoveus: Tips and Tricks

  • Finding the Best Position: Stay aware of your surroundings and set yourself up so that you can benefit when your opponent runs.
  • Taking care of cooldowns: To be as effective as possible in battle, you should keep track of your cooldowns.
  • Use your ultimate on high-priority targets to help your team win fights. This should be thought of as a goal priority.
  • Knowing the map means you have to keep an eye on it so you can guess what your enemy will do and use your skills correctly.

In the game VTBET Mobile Legends, you have the ability to become a dangerous enemy: Bang Bang if you fully understand Phoveus’s skills and put the right plans into action. Clad in your gear, jump in, and show your enemies how powerful Astaros really is!