Habit Burger Grill : Jason Triail Joins Tasty Adventure

Habit Burger Grill : Jason Triail Joins Tasty Adventure

Hello, little food explorers! We have some exciting news from The Habit Burger Grill, a place where delicious food is created. They have a new friend joining their team, and his name is Jason Triail. He’s like a culinary wizard, and he’s here to make The Habit Burger Grill’s menu even more fantastic. Let’s jump into the tasty world of Jason Triail’s culinary magic!

Habit Burger Grill : Meet Jason Triail – The Culinary Wizard:

Imagine being a stock boy at an Italian market when you’re just 12 years old! Well, that’s how Jason Triail delicious journey began. From a small town in New York, he worked in different restaurants, learning the magic of creating yummy dishes. Now, he’s bringing his culinary wizardry to The Habit Burger Grill as the director of culinary innovation.

Habit Burger Grill : Jason Triail Joins Tasty Adventure

Habit Burger Grill : From Checkered Pants to Chef Coat:

Jason’s culinary adventure took a big leap when he wore checkered pants and a chef coat. He worked on a pier, running around with lobsters, clams, and even making 50 pounds of homemade mozzarella from scratch. That’s like creating cheese magic! He learned the ropes from chef John Ferrara, and he was hooked on the world of cooking.

Work Ethic and Discipline:

Jason gives a big shout-out to his dad, who was a union organizer. He learned about hard work and discipline from his father. These are like secret ingredients that make everything in the kitchen, and in life, extra special.

From Long Island to Yard House:

Our culinary wizard continued his journey, working in big and small restaurants on Long Island. Then, he joined Yard House, a place where they love making everything from scratch. He loved the testing and trying out new ideas. Jason even found a clever way to save money by making broccoli slaw from scratch. It’s like a kitchen puzzle, and he loved solving it!

A Pause and A New Chapter:

After Yard House, Jason took a little break when his daughter was born. But guess what? He couldn’t stay away from the kitchen for too long! He joined a company that prepared yummy meals called My Fit Foods. It’s like being a superhero in the food world, making sure everyone gets tasty and healthy meals.

Habit Burger Grill : Chef’s Hat at Chef’d:

Then, he put on his chef’s hat at Chef’d, a place where they make meal kits. Jason became the co-founder and chief culinary officer. It’s like being the captain of a food spaceship, guiding everyone to delicious adventures.

The Habit Burger Grill New Culinary Hero:

And now, the big moment – Jason Triail is bringing his culinary magic to The Habit Burger Grill! As the director of culinary innovation, he’s going to make the menu even more amazing. It’s like adding extra sprinkles to your favorite ice cream!


So, there you have it, little food enthusiasts! Jason Triail is here to make The Habit Burger Grill’s menu a taste sensation. His culinary adventures and magical ideas will bring smiles to everyone who loves tasty treats. Get ready for a flavorful journey at The Habit Burger Grill – where every bite is a bite of joy!